A Full Guide for Absolute Beginners to Periscope Marketing

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A prompt exploration on Twitter discloses that a lot of people are asking. “What actually is the Periscope?” We usually see a nice trend of resistance immediately upon a new platform spinning into popularity. Therefore,

I urge you to give Periscope a shot; I genuinely believe it’s incredible.

What actually is Periscope?

I want you basically to think of Periscope as your own live streaming TV station. In additional technical terms, Periscope is a live video streaming outlet, and i believe it is the lost link of social network that too many marketers have been anxiously awaiting for.

How does Periscope work?

Periscope (acquired by Twitter) is basically a platform which allows you to record video along with best global broadcast across the world. Have you ever used the Skype tool, it’s the most similar experience yet, using video conferencing with someone you can alternatively stream to the masses.

Who is supported on Periscope?

More than 1 million users recently joined Periscope in its initial ten days. In my experience, Periscope is the ultimate combination of different genders, ages and personalities. From a professional marketing point of view, I genuinely feel that this is a platform which will go beyond a wide variety of audiences. I can’t really wait until Periscope announces high usage statistics!

What is “lingo” in Periscope?

So, just like so many other social networking platform, Periscope has its own specific language and my advice is do not be intimidated. It’s almost same as liking/following on Facebook or retweeting/mentioning on


Let’s move into some terminology:
Scoper – A person who is using Periscope platform

Scope – Every time you live-broadcast a session, you are discovering the scope. Consider a scope as an individual broadcast session.

Hearts – Scopers usually show their love through tapping on screen as well as giving a broadcaster hearts. Periscope will fix up the number of hearts each and every user has as well as the colour of the hearts will adjust/shape up with the color which has been assigned to your account.

Replay –At present, Periscope provides an option for Scopers in order to have their broadcast recorded so that other scopes will be able to replay the broadcast.

Follow – All Scopers usually follow each other. It’s more likely liking a page on FB, inviting/connecting with each other’s profile on LinkedIn, or following users on Twitter.

There are two ways that you can sign up with Periscope. First, Periscope can be used in conjunction with your Twitter account and second, you can alternatively create a Periscope account through your cell phone number.

Personally, if you have an existing Twitter profile, I would undoubtedly use Periscope in conjunction simultaneously with your account. Every time you scope, you will get the option to push a message to Twitter in order to achieve massive audience.

What exactly people broadcast?

Everything and Anything. But just to give you an idea, I can open Periscope right away and list out a couple of titles of broadcasts. I will make sure to combine good/bad/ugly in order to provide you an authentic representation of the platform.

“35 video issue brainstorm”
“Monday morning heading towards #farmersmarket”
“Connect-with-me for my 3rd # Yogascope!”
“So let’s take a look at my 30 most powerful core beliefs. How many can you actually agree with’?
“Walking to Silver Lake Reservoir, early morning”
“Exciting Presidential motorcade passing by me right now in San Francisco City. Wave to Obama with me!”

If you are in doubt to start using Periscope, don’t be afraid! The huge majority of Periscope users are starters as well and I assure you that with proper routine, your scopes will definitely become better as well as more natural.

If you are facing any problem for the subject content, openly state that it is your very first scope and be honest. All Periscope users have already been faced this worst situation.

Reason behind my passion for Periscope?

Time to geek out for a sec… I am completely obsessed with this platform. I have successfully made a career in social networking since businesses initially joined Facebook. I was one among the first few social media starters handling accounts like Party City, Pep Boys, QVC, Lane Bryant among others. I wasn’t that excited about “social network” platform in long time. All the business apps of this platform are just terrific. The influence of transparent technology will surely be the upcoming evolution of defining whether a business can be successful or not.

Periscope can defiantly be used by any brand in Absolute Unique and creative ways. “Live streaming video technology” is the brand-new frontier, folks!

Even more interesting, it makes me recall the early days of Facebook right before the platform invented and placed their target on making money. Despite lot of celebrities, users have a clean choice to step out really and be popular.